Lemon Drop Martini Recipe | MartiniRecipe.Net

lemon drop martini recipeThis luscious lemon drop martini recipe is sweet and sour and full of flavor.

60ml (or approx 2 oz) Vodka
15ml (or approx 1/2 oz) Triple Sec
15ml (or approx 1/2 oz) lemon juice (fresh is best)
1 small wedge of lemon
1 teaspoon sugar
twist of lemon peel
6 ice cubes

Into a cocktail shaker, pour the Vodka, Triple Sec and lemon juice.
Add ice and sugar.
Shake vigorously for a couple of minutes to make sure the sugar dissolves.
Rub the rim of the martini glass with the wedge of lemon.
Strain and pour the contents of the cocktail shaker into the martini glass.
Garnish with the twist of lemon peel on the rim of the martini glass.