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Five Tips To Make a The Perfect Martini

tips to make the perfect martini

The first thing to realize about making a martini is that they are largely a matter of personal taste. What you think is a perfect martini somebody else thinks is rubbish. The type of gin, vodka and other liqueurs you include can bring out the quintessential martini flavor or a unique taste that becomes your signature drink. The only way to truly concoct a great martini is to experiment with the ingredients. Similar to cooking food, a martini prepared by one person can taste completely different than the same martini prepared by someone else. In this article, I'm going to give you 5 quick suggestions that can help make your martinis taste explosively good.

Don't scoff. You'd be surprised by how many people neglect to use clean tools when they mix, shake, or stir their martinis. It's more than merely the shaker and glasses. Even the ice from your freezer needs to be clean. The problem is that martinis are very simple drinks. They're created with few ingredients. That means the flavor can be easily contaminated. If your ice has been sitting in your freezer for awhile, it's possible that it has absorbed odors from the other foods in your freezer. That can ruin an otherwise great martini.

Cool Em Off

You should keep your glasses, shaker, tongs and ingredients in a place that will keep them chilled. A perfect martini shouldn't need the ice to chill it. It should come out of the shaker chilled. If it doesn't, the ice will end up diluting and weakening the flavor. Plus, your martini will reach room temperature too quickly.

When you shake your martini, there's a lot happening in the shaker. You can literally control the flavor of your martini simply by modifying your shaking. Vigorous shaking will dilute your drink more than smooth shaking. It mixes the ingredients. If you want your martini to have a concentrated flavor that takes people by surprise, ease up on the shaking. On the other hand, if you're using heavy cream-based liqueurs, shake it well to properly mix everything.

Get The Good Martini Stuff

A lot of folks claim that high-priced spirits won't make a drink taste better. Don't believe it. In truth, cheap spirits can have a huge impact on how your martini tastes. Trust me, you'll be disappointed. Invest in a good bottle of vodka or gin. You'll be glad you spent the extra money. Saving a few dollars is fine. But, not when it comes to making the perfect martini.

You may see others casually toss ingredients into their drinks. But beware. That's the path to martini mediocrity. To a true aficionado, the amounts of the ingredients included play a key role in the taste and lingering flavor of your drink. Most martini recipes refer to ounces, splashes, jiggers, dashes, ponys and parts. You'll also come across fingers, drops and centiliters. Learn the measurements and get them perfect when making your drink. Experimenting is great. But, you have to learn the rules before you break them.

Most people think the art of a perfect martini rests in the recipe. While finding a great martini recipe is important, there are other factors that affect its taste and flavor. Fortunately, you control these factors. Use clean tools, keep everything in a chilled place, watch your shaking, use good ingredients and learn your measurements. That's a lot to think about, but each piece is critical. Plus, it's a great place to start experimenting in pursuit of your perfect martini.

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