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dirty martini

We found this great dirty martini video, and had to go out and try it right away. As they say in the video, there is nothing inappropriate about the dirty martini, despite the suggestive name. Its just the extra olive flavor that spices up this twist on an old standard.

3 oz of Gin or Vodka.
2 teaspoons of dry white vermouth.
1 teaspoon of olive brine.
1 to 3 olives, depending on your tastes.
Martini glass.
Mixing glas or cocktail shaker.
Long spoon.

Chill the martini glass by filling it with ice and water, then set it aside.
Fill mixing glass (or cocktail shaker) with ice.
Add 3 oz of gin (or vodka if you prefer, gin is the classic recipe).
Add 2 teaspoons of vermouth.
Add 1 teaspoon olive brine.
Stir mixture in mixing glass with long spoon for about 15 seconds.
Empty the now chilled martini glass.
Strain drink from mixing glass into martini glass.
Spear 1 to 3 olives (up to you how many) on toothpick.
Garnish martini glass and serve.