Basil Martini

basil martiniAdd a touch of the exotic to your martini, then lie back and remember those long, balmy nights when..

Basil Martini Ingredients

4oz (or approx 120ml) Vodka
1/2 oz (or approx 15ml) Vermouth
3 - 4 basil leaves (fresh is *always* best), lightly crushed

Basil Martini Directions

Combine the Vodka with the basil leaves in a small jug, cover with plastic/ saran wrap, and refrigerate.
The longer you can leave the basil to infuse the Vodka, the stronger the end result.
When you're ready, strain the Vodka into a cocktail shaker.
Add in the Vermouth and ice.
Shake it up really well for a good minute, then strain again into a chilled martini glass.

This martini recipe makes enough for you to share it with a friend ;)