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balsamic martini recipeHere is something completely different. If you have never tried this martini before, we recommend that you try it on your own first before making it for others. It has a great twist, but may not be for everybody!

Balsamic Vinegar Martini Recipe Ingredients

3 shots of your favorite Vodka (75 ml).
3 ml of good balsamic vinegar (about a dash, experiment to find what is just right for you).
1 large, juicy strawberry.
some orange rind.

Balsamic Vinegar Martini Recipe Directions

Chill the martini glass and the vodka by placing them in the freezer. Leave for about one hour if you can.
In a bowl or plate, add the balsamic vinegar. We are going to roll the strawberry in this container, so you just need enough room to accomodate the strawberry.
Take the strawberry and roll it in the vinegar from the previous step. Try to cover the whole strawberry, then put into frozen glass.
Add the Vodka to the chilled martini glass.
Squeeze the orange rind on top of the glass so the juice goes into the glass. Rub the rind all around the rim to give it an orange flavour.
Serve with a smile!