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  • Classic Martini This is the classic martini made with gin and vermouth. A simple tastful martini for any occasion.
  • Dirty Martini A tried and tested gin based dirty martini - for all you cool cats...
  • Vodka Martini Vodka lovers favor this as the classic martini, whatever your tastes it is a fantastic drink.
  • Pomegranate Martini Even Oprah raves about the pomegranate martini - and after just one sip you will know why!
  • Apple Martini The apple martini, otherwise known as the appletini, exploded on the mixologist scene in the late 1990s. Sample this apple martini with an ounce of bite!

How to Make a Martini

Top 5 tips to learn how to make a martini. Your martinis will definitely taste better using these tips and tricks!

martini recipesThe martini has been a favorite of drinkers for over a century, although the exact origin of the drink has never been definitively pinpointed. Recipes as far back as the 1860's make mention of the martini, and there is no shortage of individuals claiming to have "invented" what has become one of the world's most popular mixed drinks. It is however, generally accepted that the drink is almost certainly an American concoction. American writers, in particular, played a vital role in creating the mystique and aura surrounding the martini. Noted authors such as H.L Mencken, E.B. White and John O'Hara extolled the virtues and pleasures of the martini, and one of the more famous references came from Ian Fleming's James Bond's 007's "shaken not stirred" instructions for preparing his martini. Many noted 20th Century historical figures have become associated with the martini; U.S. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, authors Truman Capote and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Besides Bond, other fictional characters linked to the martini include Captains Pierce and Hunnicutt from the television program M*A*S*H, and ace detective Nick Charles of the Thin Man radio and movie series.

There are countless variations of the martini; the standard mixture being gin and dry vermouth. However, almost any distilled beverage can serve as a martini's base ingredient. Gin, vodka, rum, tequila, sake, brandy, bourbon, liquors and even wine can be used to concoct a martini.


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  • Cranberry Martini An innovative twist on the old Cosmopolitan, this Cranberry Martini is what's fine in 2009!!
  • Basil Martini Add a touch of the exotic to your martini, then lie back and remember those long, balmy nights when...
  • Spicy Jalapeno Martini This jalapeno, ginger & lemongrass infused martini will knock your socks off and rock your world!!
  • Balsamic Vinegar Martini Recipe This martini is completely different to any other you have tried. Don't knock the idea of a vinegar vodka based martini until you have tried it, some of you will love it, and some of you won't!
  • Dirty Martini Video We came across this video of a dirty martini being made, and had to try it right away. It is great twist on the old classic martini.
  • Breakfast Martini Recipe This sensational breakfast martini recipe is guaranteed to take the sharp edge off any hazy morning after the night before...
  • Watermelon Martini This watermelon martini recipe is equally at home on the beach or in a bar.
  • Chocolate Martini Shot All the benefits of a chocolate martini prepared in a fraction of the time.
  • Apple Martini An apple martini recipe with a mouthwatering measure of melon.
  • Coconut Pineapple Martini If your tastes run towards the sweet variety of drinks, then perhaps you will want to try a coconut pineapple martini.
  • Espresso Martini Taking today's cafe culture to the next level, this delicious Espresso Martini is perfect at either end of the evening: as a party starter or a nightcap!
  • Mocha Martini The best of both worlds, combining an espresso martini with a chocolate martini to create a sensational Mocha Martini!
  • Candy Corn Martini Perfect for any holiday season, the Candy Corn Martini is definitely a treat.

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